Grundtvig Workshop „Understanding Marginalization – Working for Inclusion“ | Application process closed


From June 2 to June 10th 2013, August Bebel Institute will be hosting the Grundtvig Workshop „Understanding Marginalization – Working for Inclusion. The Case of Berlin. We have recently completed the application process for the workshop and are unfortunately not able to accept anymore applications.

In the workshop fourteen people of different social backgrounds, abilities and economic status come together to exchange their views, analyses and experiences relating to marginalisation and social inclusion / empowerment. Many of them personally experience(d) marginalisation and / or who benefited from empowerment policies and strategies.

In our workshop we will exchange and discuss (1) on one hand experiences of and knowledge on marginalisation of different types and in different countries of Europe and (2) on the other hand strategies and policies aiming at countering these exclusions and at benefiting from diversity, such as quotas, negotiated agreements and cultural interventions of marginalized groups. The workshop aims at a critical evaluation of the effects and benefits of strategies of empowerment / inclusion through a precise understanding of the mechanisms that are at the basis of marginalisation.

The participants learn to evaluate strategies and policies of social empowerment and inclusion on the basis of an understanding of the mechanisms common to most types of marginalisation. They develop an awareness of their own position in society in terms of marginalisation and of their ability to work for a society that is both diverse and equal.

//// Please note that the application process is closed and that we are not able to accept applications anymore. ////